Mudd Dam It Tanking Kit 5kg


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Quick Overview

MUDD DAM IT has been specially designed to make the job of waterproofing a shower area quick and easy. Used prior to fixing tiles, the kit ensures a watertight barrier preventing water penetration into moisture sensitive backgrounds such as plasterboard and may be applied to wall angles, corners, around pipe penetrations and structural fixtures. Waterproofing is strongly recommended prior to tiling to ensure no water penetrates through to the wall surface.

MUDD DAM IT is suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces including: concrete, cement: sand rendering, plaster, plasterboard and tile backerboards. Although designed for use with domestic showers it can also be used in other areas which require waterproofing such as wetrooms and bathrooms. It is not recommended for use outside, in conditions of total water immersion e.g. pools, tanks or as a barrier to prevent ingress of water from the background, i.e. not designed as a damp proof membrane. It does not provide a wearing surface and must be used in conjunction with ceramic tiling. This bucket contains: 500ml of PRIMER (PRIME TIME) 4.5kg of WATERPROOF COATING 10m of CORNER TAPE 1m² of POLYESTER MATTING